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We are really lucky to have an art development officer, Daniella, who is always keen to have projects going on in our school. Today she was out with one of the school’s friends – Davey Scott. Davey has just been asked to write a song about healthy food linked in to various health initiatives. Davey is a wonderful musician with an interesting back catalogue and loads of engineering/production credits with artists from all over the world. He’s also dipped his toes into children’s song writing. He wrote some of the songs for Balamorey and I’ve even spied some of his children’s poetry which takes the same route as the likes of Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes…

Since he’s done a lot of recording and music work with us over the years, he decided to experiment with our children with the new song. Next week they’re off to record it at Chem 19 recording studio. I think it’s fantastic that our children can get involved in things like this where they see creative role models and get the chance to play in places like recording studios.

However our children are getting a bit blase about being photographed and filmed. One of the things about having a new school building is that the children are constantly being visited by photographers! The council, the architects etc etc. At first they loved posing… Today the P4s were heard to groan when a photographer came in and asked them to pose!!

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