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We have parent groups every Friday. Our parents named this “tea with teacher”. The P1 and the P2  teachers now both do this. So during our star of the week assembly the P1 teacher holds this drop in session for about 45 minutes – they talk about anything which might crop up – basically how to help work in partnership. The P2 teacher is also our Pt2 and she holds her session during the same afternoon.

I’m really proud that these teachers are continuing this high level of parental input weekly. We may not be able to measure this in terms of a ticky sheet but we can measure it in terms of parental perception of school, parental involvement and input at home etc.

Introducing family time is our next development to work with parents and carers. We read about this in a school in Fife. We’re going to start small with a monthly family time – basically a monthly open afternoon linked to curricular areas going on within classes.

October 12, 2007 - Posted by | Parent Consultations

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