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Haw Miss

Best comment of the day?

“This is the first time I’ve been to this part of East Kilbride before.” says one of the workers from a charity to our P7.

“Congratulations!” shouts out one of my P7 boys.

You’ve got to love them, they’re just magic!

Then later today after a bit of a barney in the playground over a pulled hood and general irritation, I have a group of three crabbit children sitting beside the dinner hall in various states of being annoyed. On my way over to have a conversation with them a boy scarpers over from elsewhere and decides to intervene.

“Haw, Miss. Just before you punish these three….I wanted to say to you I think it would be innapropriate to keep that one in at lunchtime.”

“Uhu” I answered, deeply impressed by the use of the word innapropriate! “Why is that then?”

“Well you see he’s a monitor in the infants and we’ll be down a man and that would mean the wee ones would be suffering for something they had nothing to do with!”

Good logical thinking!

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Learning about Africa and Scotland

We had a good day today. The P7 teacher used quizdom with all the classes – she’d put photos from her trip to Malawi schools, on as a presentation with related questions. The community policeman talked about how we treat new children to the school. We all heard talks from Street Kids charity and saw movies about the journey of a back pack which had things collected by children here. We saw where it went on its journey and who recieved it in Africa. We heard about how parents in Malawi work to provided daily lunches in school. Children played games about a refugee’s journey. We talked about food and homes, school and life in our two countries. For fun our active school co-ordinator held a mini highland games. We made models, art work and wrote to the children in our link school in Malawi so they know more about our children. We had family time in the afternoon when the children’s parents and relatives came in and worked with them in classes and chatted to them about what they had been up to.

We felt proud of the children and of what our staff do as a team by the end of the day!

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