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A busy few weeks are ahead. As I mentioned previously we are just completing our HMIe2 process. The report is written by EA and we are just waiting to see if HMIe will pop in or not for a moderation visit. We also have a quick HMIe visit next week to discuss impact of Teaching Profession for 21st century. It’s sad but true that no matter what reason for an HMIe visit the tummy still churns a bit in trepidation!

Here’s my wee worry today. A sort of active learning dilemma…. There is a tension between active learning and the resulting quantity and quality of written work in jotters! I have a bee in my bonnet today about jotter presentation, and I’ve been having a good old moan,¬†but also a general panic that I am not seeing enough written evidence. However this helps remind me of the fear that teachers in class have about fully engaging with a more active approach… As with everything it is about balance…

Yes a move to active learning is needed however we need to remember that the skill of an excellent teacher is one of moving between different teaching approaches for different purposes.

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