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WWII Exhibition

Primary 7 did really well with their exhibition – 2 corridors full of writing, laptops with slide shows on different aspects of WWII, information about rationing, leaders, evacuation etc etc. Then in their classroom they set up various WWII related activities on the dancemat, quizdom etc, fun games, homebaking, recipe books for sale, dressing up, a pretend Anderson shelter with sound and light effects were all available for visitors to buy and try. 4 of the P7 classes from nearby primaries visited and lots of parents/carers and other visitors supported all their hard work. It was a great way to round off their topic. Plus the money they raised will take down the total they have to pay for their outward bound week to Castle Toward.

Our newly appointed Depute Director is timetabling visits to all schools in the authority at the moment, which I’m really pleased about. Don Ledingham has written about his visits to schools in his authority and I have found what he has written very interesting, in particular his advice to Heads to be in classes about 2 days a week. I’m convinced this close contact with learning and teaching is the most effective way to make improvements. I learn more every time I spend time observing/monitoring in any classroom, at every stage. However this requires high levels of trust between all within a school. It’s this trust which leads to genuine accountability and growth.

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