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Ewan MacIntosh and Don Ledingham have both been nominated for best individual blog at the Edublog awards. You can vote for them here. Don’t bother trying it more than once…Cos it won’t work! Not that I would have tried that of course. I remember when you could vote lots of times- remember when Belle and Sebastian won the Brit award, after a spot of enterprise by the good people of Glasgow? Or so I’ve heard…

I think both are deserving of many votes. I find it fascinating and inspiring to read Don’s blog, particularly as an insight into how his thought processes work. Every time I read it I find a little gem which sparks off some thought or reflection or research on my part. Ewan is  inspiring teachers with his enthusiasm and drive to revolutionise learning and teaching and is someone who is just “doing it”. A lot of us talk, pilot etc etc but he just seems to get it done! Our school song/anthem is a song written by Karine Polwart. Our children learned it when she visited and wrote extra lyrics etc. They put it on our school cd too. Anyway, here are the lyrics, sums up what Don and Ewan and teachers in general are trying to get children to believe. That we can do it all if we try

I’m Gonna Do It All
Words: Karine Polwart (Bay Songs Ltd)
Music: Karine Polwart (Bay Songs Ltd) & Steven Polwart (MCPS/PRS)
I’m gonna sail right out on the Atlantic
I’m gonna catch me a fish that’s bigger than gigantic
I’m gonna cook up a fine fish tea
It will be like some kind of Galilee
I’m gonna do it all some day

I’m gonna do it all some day
I’m gonna do it all some day
You may not believe a word I say
But I tell you I’m gonna do it all some day

I’m gonna climb way over that old mountain
I’m gonna shout in a place where no-one hears me shouting
I’m gonna shout so loud
I’ll strip the silver lining from a cloud
I’m gonna do it all some day


I’m gonna fly in a silver winged space rocket
I’m gonna pick out the stars and put them in my pocket
I’m gonna bring those stars back down
So I can spread celestial light around
I’m gonna do it all some day


“I’m gonna do it all” OUTRO

So go on get voting for the edublog awards.

We’ve had a rocky time this session with some traumatic and serious illnesses amongst some of our staff. What could have been a very difficult time for the school has been remarkably smooth. The quality of staff  we have at the moment who have just finished their probation has been excellent. They have come on board in difficult circumstances, mucked in, asked for help if needed, worked as a team with our existing staff and come back out fighting after any knock backs. A teacher asked me today if she was doing ok settling in (she knows who she is and she’s a star!) and I was really angry with myself that I hadn’t ensured she knew how well I thought she was doing. I’ve been really busy as has our DHT coping with changes and doing a spot of crisis management at times. But we should never be too busy to praise and be present to our staff. If people don’t know what they need to do and are expected to do and how well they are doing it then motivation and well being  can slip. So this week I’m on a mission to make time to let staff know how I feel about their  good work.

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  1. Just thought I would leave a wee comment to say how much I enjoyed having a wee ‘nosey’ at your blog! I loved the idea of using a Karine song as the school anthem!

    PS Looks like you are doing all right to me, Mrs R!

    Comment by Con Morris | December 2, 2007 | Reply

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