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I’m feeling a bit wonky today. I was interviewed for a QIO post with SLC and was successful. I should be celebrating this great opportunity to visit other schools and learn from them. Don’t get me wrong I’m pleased as punch but my heart is feeling wobbly… It’s the thought of leaving a school that I just love to bits….So that’s why I’m feeling a bit sad. It’s rare to work with a team that gels so well. It’s hard to leave that when your heart is still with the team and the children.

Tonight I visited one of the teachers from our school who had a baby just the other day, and that helped put things back into perspective for me. Little Zoe was just beautiful and reminded me of why we do what we do in education. Here was a tiny bundle just ready to live and meet every opportunity on the way. Where’s my dilemma in the scale of that? Things come along in life and we should grasp them, learn and just hope we make a small difference somewhere along the way. Somber worry over – babies are marvellous things! However I’m pretty glad my two are now all grown up!

The best thing though is this change will give other staff the chance to develop and do some acting work as PT2 etc. That’s exciting and something they thoroughly deserve after the work they’ve put in.

The children meantime are covered in glue and glitter in school. Most of them are so excited just now they don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I know that feeling!

December 18, 2007 Posted by | leadership, Nonsense | | 4 Comments