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Tis the season…

I’m diverting from my usual mumblings about school as I feel like an extra in one of those grumpy old women programmes. I need to spit it out. I made a huge mistake and visited the shops in Glasgow tonight… I had decided I’d do all my shopping online this year and its worked a treat, presents gift wrapped and arriving at people’s doors without my hand even touching them, typed up tasteful gift tags enclosed, gift vouchers sent that people might even find useful cos they’re from Amazon, goodies for my boys arriving daily in little boxes with our jolly postman, however for some reason I thought I’d go and see the lights in George Square tonight and pop in to Fopp and Borders for some cheap stocking fillers…. Dearie me. My Christmas spirit disappeared in one fell swoop.

In Christmas seasons gone by I’ve seen the annual argument in the main street where I live, over Santa’s slow queue – this can result in hair pulling fights. I’ve watched the last turkey argument in Asda’s freezer aisle, which can be a dangerous event. But they were nothing to the misery of Border’s book shop at 6.30 on 20th December. Border’s is usually one of my favourite places to spend a happy, meandering hour or two at the weekend. But tonight was different. The first clue was the slamming of main door in my face by an enraged exiting customer. What I thought might be a crowd about to listen to someone give a wee talk or something was the queue for the tills. I couldn’t get up the stairs nevermind read a book. So I gave in and left. However I did contemplate the meaning of this fest of spending in a book shop, and I suppose it can’t be a bad thing that people are buying books, even if they are shoving each other out of the way to get at them – books are infinitely more interesting and useful than chocolate, slippers or bath fizzbomb thingummies. That was a hint to family members….

Anyway the bah humbug bit out the way. Tomorrow is our nativity. It’s sparkly, cheerful and just plain tear jerking! I’m looking forward to it.

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