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I grew up in a small East Coast town where the battery hen sheds and chicken factory were taken as normal. It’s something I always really just ignored as a youngster, it was just what happened, the way things were. Kind of the same as when I helped out with farming relatives – I just took for granted that at calving time the cows couldn’t give birth without a lot of assistance because the bulls they bred with made such huge calves. I could go on for a long time but we all know all this stuff and its pretty revolting and a sad indictment of our consuming habits.

Nowadays, however, I make a token effort at eating free range eggs and chicken. I watched Hugh FW and Jamie’s programmes this week and took more time to think about my consuming choices and promise to try harder! The thing that really revolted me however was thinking about liquid eggs (the broken eggs from the batteries) being in so much food I eat – the mayonnaise I love lathering on things has taken a back shelf for the moment… Here was me buying the free range eggs then eating quiche, mayonnaise and cakes probably full of the battery eggs. Hmm.

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