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Primary 2

I had a great time taking P2 this morning. I was really impressed with how well trained they now are in self registration and going straight to active learning activities – they certainly let me know how they were to go about this. P2 and young children are very strong on rules and soon let you know if you’re doing something wrong. I was also delighted with how well their learning in mental maths is going. Unfortunately it was a wet playtime so it was less relaxed after playtime!

My hat goes off to the teacher and if I were 6 again I’d love to be in her class. I’m not sure I left them as calm as she’s used to….But we had a good time.

After making my escape bid in the afternoon I attended a network meeting about our rich task group. It was interesting to hear how the other ASG groups and CfE groups are getting on. There are 41 groups going at the moment in SLC which is remarkable! The diverse areas being covere are interesting. It will be fascinating to read the final reports from all the different groups.

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Duncanrig Learning Community blogs

Here are the links to the blogs now going about our Africa/Malawi rich task. These are pupil blogs and I’m really pleased with how well they are getting on. Hopefully the pupils and teachers involved will feel a community of learning starting to build and will continue this in the future.

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