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So I’ve been busily trying to get my room organised. I’m based in the old Cathkin High building – they’re going to move to their new build after the summer. So I’m covered in stickiness from making labels and sorting dividers and files. There had been no-one in the room for a while so it’s been given a good clean. I had grown accustomed to the brand new building where I was head so it’s a shock to the system to be back in an older building which isn’t so shiny and sparkly. It reminded me just what a difference the new builds are making to morale and how much the buildings must affect a child’s experience of learning. However, my room is nice and has been painted recently.

I’m suddenly amazed at what a big world there is of education in SLC! Based in a school, your workplace becomes your whole world! You’re aware that you’re part of a larger whole but you often forget the amount of activity to support you, that is going on in the council. Each place I visit is a hive of activity, whether an education establishment, learning community support office, ICS base, council HQ etc etc.

February 20, 2008 - Posted by | learning


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  2. CPD on blogging, podcasting and GLOW…get in touch with us !

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