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I really am delighted at how well all the children and teachers are getting on in our learning community with their rich task blogs. I have this notion that the curriculum for excellence is about depth of learning and developing the skills of teachers to meet pupil needs. This rich task is doing that. It wouldn’t really have mattered what the “topic” was or even that its a rich task. The most important bit is the teachers are doing a degree of responsive planning, they have loosened the timetable and are bringing in some sensible interdisciplinary work (without the old topic web of fitting everything in whether it fitted or not), but most of all they are developing their own learning community (blogging is a tool which is helping them do this) where they and the children are interacting with each other. I hope this aspect continues to grow – its down to how useful the teachers and children find talking and sharing! I think they are finding it pretty useful and feel less isolated by doing things together at the same time – and what’s best of all is they are all doing it differently depending on their own school’s context.

So here’s my plea to those who are currently unpacking CfE outcomes. They don’t need unpacked – stick them back in their case and just use them! Don’t replace 5-14 with the same thing under a different name. Upskill on the teaching skills – no more folders of “topics” and banks of stuff. Get people sharing and working together – and dare I say it – let’s stop making new planners! Can we just do more stuff about how to teach even better?

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Another new blog

Kirktonhome have also got their blog going.

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Burns Supper

We’re always sneaky and wait for a week to have our Burns supper. It means the children have more time to learn their poem and it also means its easier to find a piper!

So this afternoon we had our Scots poetry recitation competition, a bit of haggis, accordian playing etc. It was a good way to spend a Friday afternoon. I did feel a bit teary though when the P1 teacher said, mid way through “Skyscraper Wean” clapping and singing by the children:

“You’ll miss all this.”

She’s dead right!

Next week is my last week as HT, next Friday I leave to take up my QIO post in Rutherglen/Cambuslang. I have still got mixed feelings about this. I am glad though that I’m not moving to be HT in another school, I think I would have found that even harder as where I am is just too special to me.

Our janny was very dapper this afternoon. Yesterday morning he was called away, so I did the gate wrapped up in a janny jacket with hood up. I was asked by several children later, and a support assistant why Mr McQueen was wearing a skirt at the gate in the morning… It was me honest! Today however he did wear his kilt and did a wee twirl for the children at our Burns Supper.

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Next new blog!

Crosshouse another school in our learning community are now also up and blogging about their rich task.

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