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I’ve been itching to get going with glow. The P7 teacher in the school I used to work in was an early adopter and was doing great things and I mentioned Jaye at Cathkin too. So I was really excited to get a quickie hour intro from an SLC mentor so I could get started. On Friday she got my log in and things sorted out and I’ve been able to make a first attempt at setting up a group for the area I work in – Cambuslang/Rutherglen. And guess what – its easy!

So I’ve been playing around today putting bits and pieces up for the area – I’m really looking forward to talking to the people in the area about this and finding out what they would find useful to have on this group.

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I had a really useful day today run for QIOs by LTS, where we had a good discussion and look at Journey to Excellence materials.

I was particularly interested in a couple of things which I picked up from the presentations – a big shift in emphasis to a more bottom up approach where teachers are really being encouraged to lead and develop their approaches. The other thing which really lifted me was the explicit notion of Heads as officers of an EA where there is an expectation from HMIe that Heads have a corporate responsibility to share good practice with others and support other schools/Heads with knowledge/good practice etc.

Its so encouraging to hear this expressed as it fits with the way I see schools making real improvements in the future.

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George Lucas

I loved reading this, as recommended by George Lucas’ foundation

Go LTS and GLOW!!

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Big world out there

When you work in one establishment within an authority then of course you feel part of a bigger whole. You are part of various working groups and groupings of colleagues. You are involved in sharing good practice, attend a variety of meetings, feel part of an authority, sharing values etc. But what is increasingly striking me as I now visit lots of establishments, is just what an enormous variety of services are offered by education. I’m seeing tiny babies, infants, primary, secondary and am just amazed by the number of establishments and people who are involved in helping the children grow and learn. It isn’t until now as I visit so many places that the whole begins to fit into place for me – Andrew Brown made a comment to the effect that I’d meet lots of people who are interested in education and making a difference. That’s certainly true and the language of education is one we all speak together no matter what sector.

The other thing that is really coming home to roost is that over and above the learning of the children in our care, there is an enormous amount of lifelong learning going on with all those involved in establishment communities. Not just small learning – but practitioners engaging in major self reflection and change. There are lots of green shoots all over the place where we are increasingly getting even better at sharing good practice with each other across establishments and sectors. Michael Fullan said we’d be dangerous (in a good way) when we shared in this way!I think this bodes well for the future of the curriculum for excellence and for the future of what we offer our children in terms of their learning.

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Feet and frizzly hair

Unbeknown to me before taking up this QIO post was the fact that I’d spend so much time negotiating puddles in streets outside establishments (as when I go the parking tends to be full) and ending up with damp shoes all day, or that I’d need to wear a cagoule hood all day, or that I’d look an even more scary witchy, frizzy, hairdo woman than before! Roll on dry weather and sunnier days. To combat this surprising, new job hazard I’ve had my hair cut shorter this weekend and invested in some stout, flat shoes. My next plan is to sort out an emergency bag in the boot of my car – spare, dry shoes, extra waterproof jacket, hat for when its very windy, hair straighteners and hair dryer and a towel, and some strong perfume to cover up the air off dampness around me. I’ve also bought a new sat nav for my car as I spend a lot of my time being lost!

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Book Day Event

I popped in briefly to Castlefield today. It was their World Book Day Event. The P7’s were finishing off their rich task on Africa by displaying their fiction and non-fiction books and having other events on for the children and visitors. I was mightily impressed with Mrs McQueen’s cheer leader outfit and Mrs Wilson was waggling about with a magic wand. There was an African tent in the hall where people were reading, parents involved in paired reading, tea and coffee and stalls. It was very impressive. Well done P7 and Mrs Gibson for getting this going. I didn’t stay long as I had to go to another meeting but it was lovely to see all the children.

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