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There’s to be a Glow section next week at the HT conference in SLC. It’ll a great opportunity for everyone to find out more about the practice already going on in early adopter schools. I know Caroline and Jaye are both presenting and I think they may be bringing some of the young people involved who will really spread the message about how useful they are finding using Glow. It’s only useful if it is impacting positively on learning and teaching and I’m sure that the enthusiasm of these two will show just how helpful a tool they are finding Glow. As Glow rolls out it’s important that the mystique which at times has grown around it is taken away and it can be seen to be an easy to use tool, which can save time for teachers and make it easier to teach! I know having seen both these practitioners using Glow the impact it has had on attitudes to learning within their classes when in use – impacting on pupil collaborative work, active learning and depth of learning. And that sounds very like what we’re trying to do through CfE!  I’m looking forward to  seeing their presentations next week.

April 27, 2008 - Posted by | ICT, learning |

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  1. I hope they will be receptive to the whole GLOW thing. The support and active involvement of SMT and in particular the leadership of a school’s headteacher will be so important to the success of GLOW in SLC.
    I’m hoping in particular that they get the message that GLOW is not an ICT issue but another set of tools for effective teaching and learning. And that its absolutely bound up with and inseparable from AiFL and ACfE. A joined up approach to these three biggies could have such an energising effect in our schools !!

    Comment by Jaye Richards | April 27, 2008 | Reply

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