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Those pesky cats

The things you find out on a Saturday whilst cleaning… There’s a nasty character in a Haruki Murakami novel who dressed like the Johnny Walker whisky man used to do (he might even have been called Johnny Walker), and he did very, very unpleasant things to cats. After discovering that both my cats, have been getting their revenge on me in sneaky ways today, I’m tempted to strangle the pair of them. My ironing pile has been getting out of hand, this coupled with trimming their claws last week seems to have been the catalyst. It would appear that their entire fur shedding has been taking place in the ironing basket – quite deliberate on their part, I suspect. I did wonder what they were up to this week in the wee room where the ironing and washing machine live. Now I know.

Anyway, on Tuesday the extended team in our area are putting on some Inset training for support assistants in our schools. There will be a variety of input from dealing with difficult behaviour, information about autism, multi sensory spelling etc etc. I’m hoping to take a few photos and post them up here.

PS I’ve been using this site a lot recently and if you haven’t looked at it before, it’s great for inspiration when looking for ideas on displaying pupil work. This classroom display flickr group is also great

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Herald on Glow

Glow is getting lots of write ups, including this piece in the Glasgow Herald.

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A new glow group is now up and running which Con Morris from LTS has been working on with Jim Reid and May Boyd from SLC. It’s looking good, and as it takes off will become a useful place for sharing practice and CPD experiences.

Thanks to help from Caroline I’ve managed to embed some video in the area glow group and Jaye helped with setting up a calendar. I’m all pleased with doing this! This is a glow drop which might be useful for those now moving forward with glow – lots of links to what’s being said

It’s a long weekend and I’m glad of some time to gather my thoughts. A couple of those HMIe boxes have landed in our schools over the past weeks and I’m sure the staff there are even more glad of the time off.

Karl Fischer mentioned Darren Draper’s site and I found his sharing of this bit from Carl Glickman’s book thought provoking. I have to agree this should be compulsory reading for all us teachers!

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