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Interaction for buttons

Thanks Alan Stewart for this Ted Talk by Johnny Lee. Cheap interactive boards with a wii remote and some sticky backed plastic! Polish off your blue peter badges and get to it.


June 7, 2008 - Posted by | ICT | , ,

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  1. I wouldn’t go to the bother of actually building such a thing but it does make one think about the costs of the boards when it’s actually the software and computer that are doing all the work.

    My preferred solution, which I use as a travelling teacher, is laptop, projector, wireless keyboard and mouse, Airliner or Wacom wireless slate and a blank piece of wall or board.

    All the interactivity (and more) from anywhere in my teaching room: no blinding lights in the eyes from needing to be in front of a projector and no shadows, and all for a fraction of the cost.

    Comment by Alan Stewart | June 7, 2008 | Reply

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