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A friend wrote these words about Fraser which summed him up. Particularly the guitar caper. He bought a new guitar the other week which also cost lots of pennies and a similar tale was told..

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I normally don’t write anything about personal circumstances, but felt the need to write a few words tonight. Yesterday type 1 diabetes took its toll on my husband who passed away after fighting hard to survive over the past few weeks, in intensive care with pneumonia. Diabetes is much misunderstood and sometimes many don’t realise the increasing difficulties it causes as you live with it over time. Fraser was 42 and had been becoming increasingly poorly over the past ten  to 15 years and over the past 4 – 5 years  became house bound most of the time, due to autonomic neuropathy caused by the effects of the diabetes – “bad luck” was the Dr’s diagnosis, the diabetic consultant used to say he was a clinic all to himself. Depression is also a natural part of living with continuous pain and made life unbearable at times for Fraser. A quality of life is something many of us take for granted, for Fraser it seeped away. I know he will be peaceful now, but its hard to be ok when your best friend is no longer around.

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