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My friend Kevin’s wee club celebrated its fifth birthday recently. He often has wee gems of this and that on at it for those who like a bit of American and/or folk.

Bob Dylan has apparently maybe got a new album out soon! Yeeha.

I went to see the vagina monologues at the weekend and found it pretty tiresome. Why is it that cheap laughs and riske words are such a cash cow? Maybe its just me but I found it pretty disturbing to be in an audience hooting with laughter at this, especially when “serious” bits suddenly appeared in a really inappropriate way in the midst of what felt like a pretty sleazy hen party.

On the work front – Standards and Quality reports – for those within the area who would like an exemplar, there is one available on the area glow site as is a match document which Elaine McDade put together showing the links between the Journey to Excellence and HGIOS. I’m continuing to bang on about Journey to Excellence to everyone – use the resources there – spend the time to trawl through it and more time is saved in the long run looking at all of the processes in a school not just the curriculum. Maybe it’s time we had a wee stop the bus moment and drew breath before jumping forward too fast…

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