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So later on today we had our Early Years Area Forum. Shirley Patterson one of the child psychologists and Irene Russell the Senior Manager Pupil Support for our area were doing an update session on ASN legislation and were letting folks have a look at and try out staged intervention tracking formats – these were made really simply but are very effective and great ongoing evidence of the support that EY workers and teachers do day in day out with children. The teacher from Loch brought along some of their talking floorbooks which are a work of marvel! Unfortunately we didn’t get time to look at them but will next time. Quite a variety of offers from the HTs for our Drop in HT/DHT teach meet input ranging from CfE planning materials, to HMIe updates from recent inspections to quality calendars and Standards and quality formats. Should be a good slot.

February 25, 2009 - Posted by | education

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