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What does excellence look like?

One of the PTs in a secondary I visit was showing me a bit of work his faculty team had been doing. They had been using Sirius self evaluation software to do a broadstroke of their department and decided as a follow up to look at what excellence would look like in a classroom in their faculty. They took all sorts of areas which they wanted to look at eg AiFL and used Journey to Excellence part two, then made a grid up with the things they’d want to see in an excllent classroom for AiFL then next to that were about to write what they needed to still work on which will be the basis for their improvement planning for next session. They had looked at lots of aspects of teaching and learning in this way – real self evaluation in action and a big move from the tick box approach to HGIOS which we can often get stuck in. Their next step was to look at how they could improve classroom monitoring by having a self evaluation by the teacher of an observed lesson and then use this as a basis for discussion by whoever was visiting whether PT, DHT or peer. Lots of great ideas going on! Nearby in a couple of the nurseries a huge amount of work has been going on to revise their vision and values and then use the ten dimensions as a basis for developing their outcomes/aims for the next three years which will be used to assist with writing their improvement plan. One of the primaries gave me the heads up today on some nice work being done by Gordon Kerr with Phoenix publishing on interdisciplinary topics which sounded of iterest. This Thursday our area is holding a parent council event where parents from all over Rutherglen/Cambuslang will come together to hear a few presentations from Clyde Gateway, Brian Cooklin and a rep from Youth Connections. Local schools will be providing displays of ongoing work with parents on CfE etc. It should be an interesting evening.

In the meantime I’m off to attempt to clean my top floor tenement windows with some magnetic implement I purchased online. My sons are worried about my online purchases this weather, I’m kind of turning into Homer Simpson buying all sorts of helpful cleaning produts, generally made of plastic, with hundreds of extra free bits with them. Generally they don’t seem to work, maybe its my impatience or lack of elbow grease. However this thing has a handy string attached to it so nothing drops on pedestrians heads, whether it’ll clean the windows or not remains to be seen

March 17, 2009 - Posted by | education

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