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I’ve been pretty busy¬†of late with many ongoing developments at work. For instance this week we have had our regular Learning Community Management Team meetings. Today Jaye Richards updated the Cathkin LC on the Gams Base Learning ASG, which she writes about on her own blog, and over the course of the meetings the topics have been wide ranging from self evaluation, to planning, to CfE, staffing, etc etc.

This is one of the busiest planning phases for the Heads as they prepare new Improvement Plans, review what has been achieved etc. I’ve been writing up a review of LC Area improvements over the session and doing that has again confirmed the quantity and quality of work going on in the area. When doing this kind of task I really enoy seeing how establishments, partners, Youth Learning etc all link together within the Area to provide the best for the young people. Its pretty mind blowing when you pull together reports from various people on the activity their sector/project/service has been involved on. It also reminds me of the enormity of the job our Heads undertake and when out of school its crucial that you constantly remind yourself of the dedication and commitment those involved in education show daily.

I was at a really impressive event run by the SLC arts co-ordinators a few days ago where they showcased some of the activity they undertake. Arts are fundamental to life and although it may be difficult to measure the impact these projects might have on attainment – the children involved showed very clearly in their faces the difference being involved was having on their self esteem and love of just being alive!

We attended a HT conference on CfE with a variety of speakers from LTS, Universities, examples of good pracice and so on. I found the Secondary session where some trialling of new models of S1 – S3 timetables/curriculum models were discussed really interesting. Fascinating how different they all were, also fascinating from a primary background how the secondaries are approaching these reforms.

Anyway off to Hong Kong Saturday in SCIPD visit. Info will be update on our blog

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