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Thursday and Friday were Inset days. Most of the schools re-open on Monday apart from those who may be unpacking for a day in their new builds. Enjoyed doing a vision and values session at Loch Primary, who are awaiting a visit from HMIe over the next couple of months. They’ve been doing lots of really good work from introducing VCOP strategies in writing, to working on Games Based Learning, to some really interesting work in the early stages using new planning formats to enhance their active learning. The staff area always really up for it. Spent a morning working with the extended team in the area (Specialist Support Teachers, Behaviour Support, Home School Partnership etc) and staff from David Livingstone Behaviour Base also attended. We spent time looking at JTE materials (a sore head was had by all with a JTE quiz I made up) and how CfE planning materials linking in with IEPs could be further developed this session. Enjoyed a visit to Cathkin Community Nursery’s Fashion Show. It was well supported by parents, the children and others from the community such as the Head of Education and the Provost. 10 Mums had been working with a variety of workers for 10 weeks on cofidence, health and well being etc and it was entitled Look Good Feel Great. To finish the course off they all had a mini make over and paraded the results with the help of Camglen Radio. It was great, loads of cheers, smiles and tears. Next week I have a busy couple of days at a pre area committee agenda meeting, HT Staff Development Reviews in a couple of schools and catching up with improvement planning then I’m going to Budapest from Wednesday to Sunday and back to work next Monday when we have a few sessions after school – Ollie Bray on developing technologies one evening at Cathkin Primary and a preparing for HMIe session with SMTs where we have some talking head guests who are associate inspectors, have recently been through inspection etc.

In the meantime I’ve been spending the weekend mostly cooking… After 23 years of marriage I’m ashamed to say that I could count on one hand the amount of times I cooked a meal as hubby did it… So in our house over the past year we started with the little plastic bags you heat up in the microwave, with noodles and bits of chicken and whatnought in them from Asda. We moved on to a variety of one pot type things – stew, soups, spag bol etc. But I’m getting a bit better, I’ve noticed the boys are going through less snacks now as they eat more of the meals I produce. So I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. There has been a concern raised in the house however that once I discover how to make something I tend to make it for several nights in a row… The suggestion has been made that I vary this more regularly. For instance in recent weeks we have been mostly eating a variety of Thai curries which I vary from green to red, sometimes with noodles and sometimes without….

I’ve been enjoying a couple of Christopher Brookmyre books this week and am reading a nice wee novel by another Scottish writer called BuddhaDa. Bruce’s show has been going well, although he tells me he’s drained. I’m contemplating a hobby…. Now I spend time thinking about them, but tend to be a bit slow on the moving forward, I’ve narrowed it down to three things I’d like to take up – horse riding(because I’ve never done it for ages), kayaking or belly dancing. I’m thinking my age and body shape may be most suitable for the third option. I’m watching the movie Factotum tonight which I’m looking forward to after my weekend of cooking, packing and cleaning!

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