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Had a very busy week, but hopefully worthwhile, catching up with Improvement Plan visits, staff development reviews etc and held an HMIe prep session for HTs, Ollie came along to do ICT talk with Jaye and held an area forum for Early Years, also went to various meetings, area committee re a recent HMIe and pottered about looking at STACs and 5-14 attainment, writing reports on these for some establishments. My job is very varied which is why I enjoy it so much, every day is different with new challenges. At the EY Area Forum Karen, depute at Cathkin Comm Nursery did some really helpful input on 0-3 curriculum, Pam McDaid QIO curriculum provided helpful workshop material for use back in establishments for CfE work and we had a look at just some of the CfE work already being completed to assist with planning by establishments – as always the quantity and quality of this is pretty remarkable. Sharing this over the next few months should help everyone in the area working in early years – we saw backdrop planners from Oakwood, individual CfE profile booklets, observation sheets from Glenburgh, Cathkin Primary Nursery Class had a whole variety of planners, overview sheets from the comm  nursery, individual CfE record booklets from Yvonne Barr etc etc and that was just skimming the surface. We hope to put together a folder of examples which people can use to kickstart/assist their own work.

Movies of choice this week have been zombie ones… Thirty Days of Night and Diary of the Dead… When busy these are my favourite films, sad but true, I do love a bit of zombie action.

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