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Calderwood Primary have been working on their outdoor learning area for the past few months. A grant from the RBS Superground helped set it up. Parents did a huge amount of work digging and organising. An after school gardening club run by one of the staff beaver away in all weather! Every time I look out my office window I see children out working away. Over the past few weeks, community artist Nicola has been working with all classes in the school to make art for the garden – pottery, paintings, bird feeders, recycled tyre pots etc. Today they were having a little opening event for all the children to go out and see the art works. Their next steps will be to develop a seated literacy circle area where classes can go out and work. By the way the very last photo below shows the normally glam heidie cosied up in her hoody – good to see head teachers out getting their sleeves rolled up in today’s freezing Scottish weather!

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  1. Hello Andrea

    Congratulations to Calderwood School for gaining an RBS Supergrounds Award! The photos look great. It’s a great shame that this is the final year of this award scheme.

    Just a wee thought about the literacy circle. In our climate, the seats can often be damp and cold to sit on. It’s worth investing in some portable seating so that the area can be used more frequently. If the school is skint, go to B&Q and buy a roll of aluminum covered bubblewrap that’s meant to be used behind radiators to reflect heat back into the room. a roll costs £33 and it makes at least 36 seats that can all fit into a carrier bag. If the school wants a right-on environmentally friendly option that involves the children, then create make seating mats from felting wool as an eco-art project. When the seats eventually wear out, they can be composted. The down side is that felting wool is not cheap ;(

    Best wishes

    Comment by Juliet | December 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks Juliet I’ll pass your suggestions on

    Comment by andreareid | December 28, 2009 | Reply

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