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Neat little fans made by the Depute at Westburn Nursery. She took Blooms taxonomy and the starter questions which are within this blog from various sources and put them into an easy to manipulate format for the staff at the nursery. They hook these on to their badge lanyards and they are great reminders during the day and at planning sessions. Equally useful for older children to use themselves in group discussions/feedback sessions etc etc.

Add these to thinking dice, beach ball question prompts etc to raise the profile of these techniques or refresh AiFL work. Sometimes the cheaper option like these fans work just as well. Its not hard to use the kind of ideas infant and early years staff have used for years to push eg great questioning further – an old football with sticky white labels on it with question starters written in pen, throw it round group – the sticker your thumb lands on when catching is the question to be answered etc.

Good meeting with Brian McLaren from the consolarium the other day, and he enjoyed having a little tour of some of the establishments in the area. Looking forward to gathering in the evidence of the hard work Cathkin Community Nursery are about to start using eyepet as a context for learning. We will publish all that material here and pass it on to the consolarium

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  1. Hello there, I’m a probationer in Aberdeenshire and just wanted to thank you for passing on the Bloom’s fan idea. I’ve made a similar version for myself, and have passed on copies to a number of staff at my school. We also use the dice, but I think I might try the ball with sticky labels too!

    Comment by Jackie Maclean | February 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] Apparently if you make sure your students know what the learning objectives of your lesson are, you improve attainment by 20%. (Marzano 2003) Recently in an effort to sort additional evidence for HMIe in September I’ve been fiddling with EXCEL and WORD to produce a wall chart for my classroom which I also turned into small Bloom cards that I put into a very small pocketbook. I also like the idea seen by Andrea Reid whereby one of the schools she visited has the Bloom’s taxonomy on laminated cards in a fan which teachers carry on their person at all times. See here. […]

    Pingback by Learning Objectives – helpful files | April 4, 2010 | Reply

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