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Had a couple of weeks off and feeling half human again. Don’t quite know how I got to July  without having taken any annual leave….Last term was a bit hectic  but one of the more motivating times I’ve had in a while with lots of new things to learn. NQTs all finally placed for their year’s probation – we welcomed them all in the last week of June – after nagging at them all about making sure they use social media and develop a digital presence to help with their work, I felt bad that I don’t use facebook – love twitter for CPD but never gotten round to the facebook thing, so got myself in gear and organised with that. Mostly motivated to join up  so I can see my big boy’s photos of his two year trip to the Far East! Was indebted to Ollie Bray for help with presentation for the NQTs.

Looking forward to next week when I’m off the the Summer leadership school in Glasgow. Last attended this in Edinburgh for the first leadership school which was a great event.

South Lanarkshire is through to the lottery award finals with Sportworx – great to see this fab programme getting well deserved recognition.

But the best thing over the past few weeks is we are now all settled into a new office space – for the past few months I’ve been a bit of a bag lady – dragging a mobile office of ICT paperwork, primary staffing files,quality assurance etc around in a big trolley. Often to be found in car parks trying to work out the intricacies of a school’s staffing over the phone with folders all over the car, I’ve really enjoyed being able to base myself in different offices with support services, school mod etc, but it is pretty good to have my own desk and workspace with the rest of the team now!

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