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Ironing and Inset and Devlin’s Daily

I hate ironing… 12 shirts today and various other items. Vile. Apart from that I’ve had a pleasant couple of days – went to see my friend’s festival show launch Devlin’s Daily. It will be streamed daily on STV. He’s very funny live and this show gives a flavour of lots of acts that are on with them guesting during lunch time daily. It’s getting on for a year now since my husband died and Bruce has been a particularly good friend during this time, keeping me occupied by phone calls and texts, and raucous nights out, when I’ve needed some cheering up. Sometimes you really need a friend like that who doesn’t dole out advice or try to help – just let’s you be, and has a damned good gossip with you. Saw a couple of DVDs – Midnight Meat Train and Tigerland. Bought my Jonathan Richman tickets for Oran Mhor in October – I love going to see him live, he’s always good value. Signed up for a couple of classes at the gym.Anyway next week is busy – a few establishments due HMIe follow throughs over the next couple of months, so catching up with that, a couple of sessions at Inset Days on CfE and Vision and Values Development, and then the following week I’m taking the last of my annual leave for a while  from the Wed to the Fri and going to a family wedding near Budapest in Visegrad.

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