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More SLC CPD Glow

Jim Reid has been telling me more about the roll out of Glow in SLC. The advisory service manager May Boyd has been demonstrating the use of the SLC CPD Glow Group to SLC CPD Coordinators at their CPD Coordinator meetings. He also tells me Margaret Tracey and Stephanie Farquharson were also part of the team who constructed the Glow group. This is going to be a fantastic collaborative site as people begin to use it across the authority. The SLC glow roll out team are taking a very sensible, measured approach to the roll out of groups – trying out big hitters which can be seen to be useful. This steady drip is showing through as I meet HTs who are in the middle of writing their improvement plans. They too are speaking about a measured approach to rolling this out – getting it right bit by bit and building capacity amongst staff that way rather than a big bang approach.

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Nifty new gadget. Unfortunately I don’t have plane fare for Hong Kong and doubt anyone will offer me it!

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ICT Case Study

There’s a case study about our school here. Other than wondering who on earth that woman might be – as she doesn’t look like I do in the mirror – it’s nice to have the work the teachers are doing recognised in some form.

ps I’m going to have to start that diet tomorrow!!

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