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Today’s Nativity

Today’s nativity was at Greenlees nursery. Another lovely tearjerker. Well done the children and staff at Greenlees, which is a partnership nursery with SLC. Its one of those places where you’d have loved your own children to have attended. One more show tonight at Westcoats, which are always a real treat and then I’m off for my Christmas break. Maybe time to get things organised at home then….

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overheard at nativity rehearsal

So in the gym hall the wee ones are hearing from their teachers about their nativity play. I know, I know… It can’t be that time of year again….

One teacher was overheard asking them to guess who they might be pretending to be. She’s describing the shepherds outfits.

“You’ll be wearing a tea towel on your head with something tying it on and maybe a dressing gown.”

Now at this point I’m wondering if the P1s find everything that happens in school a bit odd, as to a non school person, this might sound a bit loopy, but continue eavesdropping . However one little boy gamely tries to work out what’s going on.

“Who do you think you’ll be pretending to be?” Asks the teacher ever hopeful that someone will say shepherd…

Wisely the small boy says ” A boy who has just had a bath?”

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