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Stuart and Henrietta


Pictured here after their wedding. The wedding took place in a small town called Szentendre just outside Budapest. This is in the town square after the church wedding. We tottered about in our heels on cobbles with great difficulty so were glad to get seats in the centre at a cafe and chill for a couple of hours.121

Uncle George, father of the groom, ┬áin Panama hat…. with best man.


And one roasted son in the heat, after a boat ride up the Danube from Budapest. He ended up later in the evening after a traditional Hungarian game at the reception with the bride’s garter, which caused him great consternation.

My favourite game was the dancing with the bride game when the master of ceremonies held a huge mixing bowl and wooden spoon with a cloth over it. Banged on it for at least half an hour while Henrietta danced with everyone who paid money into the bowl. Sometimes one person, sometimes a wee group, this wasn’t my shuffle around slowly dancing, but fast exhausting stuff, a pretty hefty work out. Luckily before this dance she’d changed out of her wedding dress and into a traditional red dress which looked at least a bit cooler for dancing in.

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