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Feet and frizzly hair

Unbeknown to me before taking up this QIO post was the fact that I’d spend so much time negotiating puddles in streets outside establishments (as when I go the parking tends to be full) and ending up with damp shoes all day, or that I’d need to wear a cagoule hood all day, or that I’d look an even more scary witchy, frizzy, hairdo woman than before! Roll on dry weather and sunnier days. To combat this surprising, new job hazard I’ve had my hair cut shorter this weekend and invested in some stout, flat shoes. My next plan is to sort out an emergency bag in the boot of my car – spare, dry shoes, extra waterproof jacket, hat for when its very windy, hair straighteners and hair dryer and a towel, and some strong perfume to cover up the air off dampness around me. I’ve also bought a new sat nav for my car as I spend a lot of my time being lost!

March 15, 2008 - Posted by | Nonsense

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