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Hong Kong Study visit

I’m going on a SCIPD (Scottish Continuing International Professional Development) study visit from 16th May for a week. Information on SCIPD can be found here. We will be writing a blog when out there which can be found here.  The group visiting Hong Kong met with Nick Morgan and Joanne McLaughlin last week to discuss the details of the visit. So why Hong Kong? From results of recent studies Scotland could be doing better at some things.  The aim  is to learn from other countries who feature  higher in these studies eg PISA/TMMS. While out there we’ll be visiting a range of establishments from early years to secondary wih a particular eye on teacher development and partnership working. The delegation going have a range of experience across authorities in Scotland and are all senior education officers within local authorities, so not only will we be learning from our hosts but we will be able to share our experiences and expertise with each other too.About a month after our  return we will meet again to share experiences after having  time to reflect.  At that point we’ll agree responsibilities for presenting our experiences in key themes to a larger group of SCIPD delegates in October. We’ll also meet with other  study visit groups around October and make formal presentations to others about what we have learned and how it has impacted on our/others practice.After about 9 months we’ll produce detailed reports for the LTS website. So the trip is a long term commitment for all of us to our personal CPD and also with an expectation that we will carry forward work on our return to impact in our own areas.

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A new glow group is now up and running which Con Morris from LTS has been working on with Jim Reid and May Boyd from SLC. It’s looking good, and as it takes off will become a useful place for sharing practice and CPD experiences.

Thanks to help from Caroline I’ve managed to embed some video in the area glow group and Jaye helped with setting up a calendar. I’m all pleased with doing this! This is a glow drop which might be useful for those now moving forward with glow – lots of links to what’s being said

It’s a long weekend and I’m glad of some time to gather my thoughts. A couple of those HMIe boxes have landed in our schools over the past weeks and I’m sure the staff there are even more glad of the time off.

Karl Fischer mentioned Darren Draper’s site and I found his sharing of this bit from Carl Glickman’s book thought provoking. I have to agree this should be compulsory reading for all us teachers!

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